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    More online tea shops

    It wasn’t too long ago that a recommended a couple of online tea shops. The feedback I got from friends have been great so far, so I figured I’d share a couple more here. Palais des Thes A French tea company that aside from selling teas, are more focused on tea education. Their tea blends in cotton tea bags are exquisite- perfect for gifts and the such. What you should buy: My Tea for the Office box set of an assortment. Song Tea & Ceramics Moving onto San Francisco – tea lovers, please don’t leave this city without dropping by Song Tea & Ceramics. The serene ambience is incredibly refreshing.…

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    More Matcha in Melbourne

    Back in Melbs once more, this time covering matcha cafes I didn’t manage to during my last trip. After much exploring, here’s my top 4 in case you’re ever visiting: Melbourne’s Fourth Chapter A coffee-matcha oasis awaits you in the little suburb or Prahran. Offering an all-day long menu filled with healthy and delicious breakfast, Fourth Chapter is definitely the best at that. From smoothies to beetroot and cheddar waffles to smoked salmon and poached egg there is definitely a wide variety to choose from. You can also customise the type of nuts and cow milk for your perfect version of their ‘matcha maiden’ latte. Bask in a picturesque nature-themed…

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    Where to Find Matcha: What’s HOT in Hong Kong?

    People raved about matcha, but what is it exactly? Matcha is specially grown, and processed ground powder of green tea leaves. What seems to interest the people more than that, is its significant health benefits. Matcha is full of antioxidants; it boosts metabolism and burns calories; it is also known to calm the mind and relax the body. A tea added in desserts, drinks, and other snacks that can help you prevent diseases? We can’t ask for more. So here’s our top pick of the best green tea cafes in Hong Kong for you! 1. Nakamura Tokichi Hong Kong Ten The 161-year-old brand owned by the Nakamura family has been…

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    Matcha in Sunny City

    Down to the last leg of my Aussie stint, after being in Sydney the last month. Today, I’m going to share some of the best matcha spots in this sunny city. Brisbane’s Sol Breads Well known in Brisbane for their bread artisans and pastries, Sol Bread offers many kinds of hot beverages and coffee. Located at the center of West End, this café offers a working lounge for those who would like to bring their laptops to work all day. With the café’s homey ambiance, you’d definitely feel relaxed here. If you are looking for steamy matcha café’s to go with their paleo brownies and cheesy sourdough toasties, not to…

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    Sydney’s Matcha Spots

    I previously covered some matcha spots in Perth, and now it’s time for some Sydney. Sydney’s Earth to Table If you ever find yourself in Bondi, Earth to Table offers a wide array of dishes; from all-organic salads to tasty desserts and zucchini pesto pasta. They serve flavorful matcha lattes that you can order hot or cold. One of their bestsellers is the ‘Give Me Vitality’ drink which is a delicious iced drink with a blend of almond milk, ice and matcha. During cold days, you can also try their ‘Green Matcha Latte’ together with a cup of piping hot almond milk. Sydney’s Chanoma Cafe If you are seeking a…

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    Getting Your Matcha Fix In Perth

    In one of my previous posts, I briefly shared some of my favorite matcha haunts in Melbourne. I was in Perth recently, and got to check out their matcha scene. After further sampling, here are two of my other favourites in WA: Little Matcha Girl Little Matcha Girl in the suburbs of Como offers many tasty treats that showcases their key ingredient, matcha. With various choices on the menu, customers can choose from either traditional loose-leaf matcha tea with mango or green-pea flavouring. Whether you prefer hot lattes or cold brewed lattes, the Little Matcha girl offers both. An addition of organic coconut water or mint and aloe vera juice…

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    Matcha, your new healthy cocktail

    One of my guilty pleasures when it comes to overindulging myself with matcha is to turn it into a cocktail mix. Yes, makes cocktails incredibly bearable. Over the weekend, a dear friend who was a mixologist taught me how to make a mean matcha cocktail, and man, were the flavors delightful to the palate. Hit me up if you’d like the recipe. Today, I’m going to introduce you to the bars that set the bar (lol) for my matcha cocktails across my travels. You guys need to try these. Matcha Do About Nothing @ Gracias Madre in California Art of Tea’s ceremonial-grade matcha meets tequila blanco, coconut milk, toasted sesame-infused…

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    Getting Your Matcha Fix In Melbourne

    Melbourne has always been one of the hippest places around, and on that note, nothing certainly has changed since my last visit. They’ve caught the matcha virus, resulting in assortments of cubed matcha chocolates to eccentric latte mixes. After much hunting, here’s a couple of places for your modern matcha fix: Bibelot Bibelot’s matcha section is definitely to die for. Consisting of a variety of matcha-incorporated sweets like green tes gelatos and matcha macarons, you can never get enough of the matcha goodness this café offers. If you are looking to drink matcha-fied beverages, Bibelot also offers lattes that come as hot and steaming or ice cold. Bibelot, 285-287 Coventry…

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    Health benefits of matcha

    Disclaimer: I am no qualified expert, this is based on what layman knowledge I have of matcha. I briefly spoke of the dangers of drinking too much matcha in my previous post but one can’t deny the health benefits that good quality matcha brings. Matcha’s increasing popularity is more evident than ever before, as more businesses have been incorporating matcha to their menus and products.  Matcha came from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is also the plant green tea came from. Harvesting matcha is meticulous because farmers need to cover the tea plants 20-30 days before harvesting it to avoid direct sunlight. This gives the plant the chance to increase…

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    Just some things about matcha…

    Matcha literally means “powdered tea” in Japanese. Here are some things you should know about matcha: Matcha is a unique form of green tea. The main difference between matcha and green tea is that with matcha, you are drinking the leaves because they are grinded into powder while for green tea, leaves are infused into hot water and will be discarded later. Matcha is also harvested differently because the tea plant is covered with cloth before they are harvested which promotes the leaves retaining deep flavors, textures, and nutrients. Matcha has a lot of health benefits because it is rich in antioxidants like polyphenols, which protects you from having heart…