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More online tea shops

It wasn’t too long ago that a recommended a couple of online tea shops. The feedback I got from friends have been great so far, so I figured I’d share a couple more here.

Palais des Thes

A French tea company that aside from selling teas, are more focused on tea education. Their tea blends in cotton tea bags are exquisite- perfect for gifts and the such.

What you should buy: My Tea for the Office box set of an assortment.

Song Tea & Ceramics

Moving onto San Francisco – tea lovers, please don’t leave this city without dropping by Song Tea & Ceramics. The serene ambience is incredibly refreshing. Expect to skip your monthly rent for bags of tea here though.

What you should buy: Familiar with Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout? It’s the sweetest tea I’ve ever had – tastes like cotton candy.

T Shop

Let us move on to another small tea shop which offers classic, pure tea. It’s in NYC, hidden in a back of a building along the hallway from the main entrance.

What you should buy: Their puerh is lovely.

Te Company

This is where I get my most favourite tea at the moment, which is roasted oolong. It’s honestly so good be it iced or hot.

What you should buy: Frozen Summit Reserve’s roasted oolong, my favourite.

Tea Dealers

Korea trends don’t seem to be limited to entertainment but seems to have cut across teas. Yes, Tea Dealers has a nice selection of Korean tea and tisanes. This is honestly the first time I’ve been fond with Korean tea.

What you should buy: Wild Persimmon, Wild Pear, and their Korean Woojeon green tea.

Online tea shops aside, during my last trip to Southeast Asia, the matcha rage seems to have extended beyond matcha powder and cafe concoctions – this product called Matcha Premium seemed to be all the hype – the Malaysians I met who were major consumers attest to it being the most effect weight loss product in Malaysia, or at least that they were able to get their hands on. I sniffed a pill or two and the pill seems to be concentrated matcha. Worth checking out if you’re ever in that region and into that stuff?