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More Matcha in Melbourne

Back in Melbs once more, this time covering matcha cafes I didn’t manage to during my last trip. After much exploring, here’s my top 4 in case you’re ever visiting:

Melbourne’s Fourth Chapter

A coffee-matcha oasis awaits you in the little suburb or Prahran. Offering an all-day long menu filled with healthy and delicious breakfast, Fourth Chapter is definitely the best at that. From smoothies to beetroot and cheddar waffles to smoked salmon and poached egg there is definitely a wide variety to choose from. You can also customise the type of nuts and cow milk for your perfect version of their ‘matcha maiden’ latte. Bask in a picturesque nature-themed surrounding while taking a sip of your healthy matcha drink.

Melbourne’s Matcha Mylkbar

This café has taken the use of matcha to the next level, serving their customers a variety of foods and beverages that is both healthy and delicious. Savor the sweet taste of macademia crumble and matcha-flavored pancakes in dark chocolate sauce. But if you’re going for an afternoon snack that can fill your appetite, Matcha Mylkbar offers a matcha burger with sweet potato fries on the side. The highlight of their menu is the ‘matcha section’ where you can order any beverage, food or desserts that are made with matcha, may it be lattes or gelato. Whatever your matcha needs, these guys will definitely have what you are looking for.

Melbourne’s Yellow Espresso

Are you looking for unique latte flavors? At Yellow Espresso, you can choose from a wide variety of lattes from matcha to café to strawberry swoon flavors to golden latte, this café has it all. These four delicious flavors are known to be beneficial for one’s health. Yellow Espresso’s matcha powder is guaranteed to be a 100% organic and purified green tea matcha that is blended and steamed with all-natural almond milk but there are many other milk options if almond milk doesn’t suit your taste. With its amazing ambiance and interior, you’ll find it comfortable to eat their delicious free range eggs and blueberry pancakes while taking a sip of your warm matcha drink.

Melbourne’s Little Rogue

This small café on Drewery lane is famous for their matcha and coffee treats. Little Rogue offers hot and cold matcha drinks which you can order with a wide selection of sweets and pastries that go well with matcha. With the café’s homey and warm ambiance, you’ll find it comfortable to stay there and have a whiff of a combination of the aromas of brewing matcha and coffee beans.  

Have any other recommendations I should check out? Feel free to comment below.