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Getting Your Matcha Fix In Melbourne

Melbourne has always been one of the hippest places around, and on that note, nothing certainly has changed since my last visit. They’ve caught the matcha virus, resulting in assortments of cubed matcha chocolates to eccentric latte mixes. After much hunting, here’s a couple of places for your modern matcha fix:


Bibelot’s matcha section is definitely to die for. Consisting of a variety of matcha-incorporated sweets like green tes gelatos and matcha macarons, you can never get enough of the matcha goodness this café offers. If you are looking to drink matcha-fied beverages, Bibelot also offers lattes that come as hot and steaming or ice cold.

Bibelot, 285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia +61 03 9690 2688

Operator 25

If you are looking for matcha drinks that are off the hook, put your speed dial on Operator 25. You can find this café at the original telephone exchange building on Will’s Street. They offer ‘Kaya matcha lattes’ that will definitely blow your mind. This matcha latte is definitely one of the best but you can also try their delicious almond pancakes with grilled pears, macadamia nuts and vanilla and dark chocolate cream on the side.

 Operator 25, 25 Wills Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia +61 03 9670 3278

Kuu Café

A Japanese café is making its name shine on the southern part of Melbourne. Kuu Café emphasizes their flavors in simple dishes. Their bestseller is their signature matcha ganache cake which is no different from their other flavorful dishes. This is a tasty combination fusing the sweetness of white chocolate and the bitterness of green tea and it goes very well with their matcha affogato.

Kuu Café, 190 Park St, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia +61 03 9686 0819

Little Rouge

Looking for a magical matcha experience?  Come on over to Little Rouge on Drewery Lane to get the creamiest matcha lattes. Their baristas Leo Lee and Calvin Ko have put in a lot of effort to make their signature treat – a 20-layered mille-feuille called Mille & B’s matcha adzuki crepe cake which is filled with vailla cream, adzuki beans in matcha ganache and matcha crumble.  You’ll never get enough of this treat.

Little Rouge, 12 Drewery Lane, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Raw Trader

Raw Trader is the place to be if you are looking for tasty dishes that are healthy and satisfying. Whether your diet is centered on vegan, paleo, gluten-free or dairy-free, they offer it all. One of their bestsellers that quickly sell out is their green tea matcha cheesecake which had a cashew nut base and topped off with cashew cream. For those who have sweet teeth, one of the must tries are the white chocolate and matcha cheesecake.

 Raw Trader, 10 Sutherland St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia +61 0478 692 008

Rustica Sourdough

Specializing in brioche, baguettes and other breads, you may think that Rustica Sourdough is just the typical bread shop, but that’s where you are wrong. Located in Brenton Lang’s Brunswick Street institution, this shop offers the best matcha cronut. Their pastry chefs got the idea of making a hybrid out of croissants and donuts while incorporating matcha as their main ingredient. This hybrid treat is very crisp yet extremely tasty. Better grab yours now before they sell out.

Rustica Sourdough, 402 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC, Australia +61 03 9417 7775