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    More online tea shops

    It wasn’t too long ago that a recommended a couple of online tea shops. The feedback I got from friends have been great so far, so I figured I’d share a couple more here. Palais des Thes A French tea company that aside from selling teas, are more focused on tea education. Their tea blends in cotton tea bags are exquisite- perfect for gifts and the such. What you should buy: My Tea for the Office box set of an assortment. Song Tea & Ceramics Moving onto San Francisco – tea lovers, please don’t leave this city without dropping by Song Tea & Ceramics. The serene ambience is incredibly refreshing.…

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    Some reliable online tea shops

    Had a hard time surfing across the web searching for a safe and trustworthy online tea store? No worries. Let me take you on an extraordinary journey across my favourite online tea shops. But before that, here are some things to keep in mind: If you prefer the higher tier tea, get loose tea. Blends and tea bags are lower tier. Keep tea dry, always, to prolong storage life. This also applies to keeping it away from odor and heat. Loose tea is pretty easy to identify. If it’s sold by ounces or grams, then voila! I generally see 2 oz as a minimum online. Silver Needle Tea Co. All…